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DISCOVER Three Italian practices to help add more life to your years

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How to feel a greater sense of belonging and purpose



How to feel more motivation, gratitude and joy



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If you have ever been to Italy or know someone who has, you know about the magic of the Italian culture and the art of embracing simple pleasures.

Maybe you've been feeling stuck lately and have lost your spark.

Or maybe you are at that point in your life where you wonder if this is as good as it is going to get.

Perthaps you have even been focused on extending the years in your life. but have neglected the quality of life in your years right now.

Either way, these Three Italian Practices will help you reduce stress, jumpstart your soul and get you excited about your life again!

Ciao, I'm Carmel...

I first learned about the transformative powers of the Italian culture when I spent an exchange year there at the University in Florence. In the days before Facetime, I was heartbroken to leave my family just one week after the tragic passing of my uncle.

It was the Italians and their philosophy of life that brought me back to joy and happiness. Their philosophy became mine.

My own transformation continued as I would divide my time between New York and Italy as a hospitality and travel specialist and then a life coach.

I've created my company Bella Vita Living to share with you these life lessons so you too can feel more of the joy that you feel when you are in Italy, wherever you are.

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