Free Mini Italian Experience: 7 Days and 7 Ways to Bring More Joy into your Daily Life

A Woman's Guide to the


of the Italian Lifestyle


Maybe you have read Eat Pray Love .

Maybe you have seen Under The Tuscan Sun.

Perhaps Italy is on your vision board... or already in your photo album. 


Have you ever secretly wanted to feel a little more Italian and possess that     

"gioia di vivere" 

- joy of life?


Translated from the Italian, Bella Vita Living means "leading a beautiful life."         

It's a philosophy, mindset and perspective.

It's about taking cues from Italy.

  • appreciating simple pleasures
  • feeling passion in your life
  • being grateful for every day you wake up
  • not waiting for a special occasion to use your favorite plates
  • savoring your food
  • getting into deep, rich conversations with people without ever asking "What do you do?"
  • dreaming big.. and then even bigger!
  • marveling at beauty all around 
  • bringing meaning to your days
  • laughing for no reason at all 

“ You may have the universe if I may have Italy.”

— Giuseppe Verdi 


My name is Carmel.

Italy got into my heart when I was 7 years old. It didn't matter that our family's long-anticipated trip coincided with a strike of all museums, taxis and baggage handlers. I couldn't understand what the Italians were saying, but I could feel them. 

When did Italy get into your heart? Or is the desire for Italy in your heart?

Whenever I am there, I feel like someone has turned my light switch on. In Italy,  I learned  how to live a life with meaning, with aliveness,  and with connection.

My intention is to inspire you to ignite and live YOUR Italian dream through community, retreats and long-term stays while showing you how to bring a little of that "gioia" for life into your everyday. 


Please join me in a mini-experience, delivered straight to your inbox, drawing on some beautiful ITALIAN DESTINATIONS.

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