Translated from the Italian, Bella Vita means "beautiful life."
In a world where women are asked to crush it or hustle or slay it,
Bella Vita Living offers a different perspective.

What if actually embracing passion and simple pleasures were a way to achieve your dreams?

What if feeling joy now and living in the moment were a way to feel more connected and create more impact?

What if the energy of you feeling alive could create more business, forge stronger relationships and help you be the very best version of yourself – not someday but now?

The mission of Bella Vita Living is simple: to inspire women to bring the passion and simple pleasures of Italy into their daily life so they can live a life with no regrets.  



My name is Carmel. There are some who say that some of the important things they have learned about life they learned in kindergarten. 

Well, I can say that about Italy. 

I've been privileged to witness  a people that live in the moment, celebrate the little things and have mastered the art of conversation and connection. 

Whenever I am there, I feel like someone has turned my light switch on. Over time, I have been able to adopt some of those principles into my daily life to feel joy no matter where I am. 

My intention is to share that with you, so when someone asks " How's life?" you won't answer  "Fine", but rather, "Life is beautiful!"


"She is a soulful woman. Passionate about life & people, she genuinely deeply cares about others and their wellbeing."

-Miek Egberts