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In the midst of terrible situations, there are always silver linings. 

As the Coronavirus has disrupted our lives and caused suffering for so many, I invite us to reflect together on how to harvest some of the good that has come out of the situation.

Join me in a Positivity Challenge to fill our hearts with hope and joy while connecting us with others across the globe.

What we focus on grows. 


To Participate in the Challenge


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Step 1:


Share one good thing or silver lining you have found or witnessed about the Corona Virus, home confinement or life on pause.

Use the hashtag #FindOneGoodThing and post on any social media platform

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Step 2:


Tag at least 5 of your friends in your post and invite them to do exactly the same : share a photo or video of one good thing/silver lining  they have found in this Corona Virus new reality. 

Have them use the hastag #findonegoodthing and then nominate 5 of their friends

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Step 3:


Follow the hashtag #findonegoodthing to see examples from across the globe and share this page with your friends. 

If we all start focusing on the good, we will actually start creating more of it together. 

Ready to spread some positivity ?

Here's an example of how to post.

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"...why not try and see positive things, to just touch those things and make them bloom?"

           - Thich Nhat Hanh